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PANAF launches in The Gambia

The Pan-African Network for Artistic Freedom (PANAF) initiative will be launched in The Gambia on 18th June 2022.

PANAF was established in November 2021 in response to the need for an active and inclusive regional voice in the creative sector that could raise awareness of incidents of artistic freedom violations and collaborate with artistic rights advocates in regional and national advocacy efforts.

 In The Gambia, SELAM has partnered with Team Gom Sa Bopa. This partnership will allow the two organisations to work together to develop a unified voice for artists, and cultural producers advocating for artistic freedom in the music and film industries. The project will include capacity building, policy support and lobbying, research, workshops, s, and report publication as well as monitoring, and documentation of violations, all with the goal of forming alliances for knowledge exchange and cooperative advocacy campaigns.

Since the dawn of the new dispensation (2017), the Gambia has found a new lease of freedom for the creative sector which is thriving given the proliferation of artistic platforms available in the country. However, in the rest of Africa, this is not the case with a number of cases where artists have faced challenges while practicing their art. Team Gom Sa Bopa, SELAM, and Partners will endeavour to maintain a continental perspective to learn from best practices in an ever-changing environment.

Team Gom Sa Bopa (TGSB) is a youth-led movement dedicated to raising awareness among young people through Art and arousing their interest in the development of The Gambia. Gom Sa Bopa engages artists to play a role in social life, and civic education and to be watchdogs of the management of the country by the leaders and all those in charge of the advancements of the country.

Selam is a cultural organisation with offices in Stockholm (Sweden), Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), Kampala (Uganda), and Nairobi (Africa). It has been active in cultural development and development aid for over 20 years, using its vast experience and worldwide network to develop and execute diverse cultural programs in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. 





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