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The Gambian leader made the remarks in his State of the Nation address for the 2023 legislative year at the assembly chambers where he addressed the condition of the country and outlined the government's policies.President Barrow said disunity is a threat to progress.‘The critical factor that threatens peace and development most is disunity. We may belong to different political parties, religious faiths, or other social groupings, but we must unite as a nation to realise our national targets.’‘Honourable Members, while discharging your duties, I urge you to dialogue and initiate bi-partisan collaboration in a positively democratic manner. This would allow you to table issues not exclusively from political party perspectives, but from genuine patriotic standpoints and through the people’s lenses.’ He said.The Head of State further said the core mandate of the Executive, the Legislature, and the Judiciary are ‘interlocked’ thus requiring them to work together.‘Once we have a common goal, such as the development and progress of the people we serve, there will always be the need to unite.’The president said the legal frameworks, policies, and programmes developed and mentioned in his address are relevant and good enough to guide the people to success. But, ‘the Assembly and the public have a facilitating role to play in their implementation process.’He promised to serve the country with a ‘clear conscience, vision, and realistic development plans and programmes.’

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